Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Quintessential "In-Charge" Persona

                                                     Authority figures:
Not just government and the police, but also:  medical/dental professionals; your bosses; your landlords; your store managers; business owners.

Next to their position of being able to control and manipulate the lives of others, they're notorious for being madly in love with themselves and with the myopic agendas of whatever faction(s) they align themselves with.  And with their "God-like" mindset one never relishes being in a position of co-dependence on one of them.  Because they have the tendency to try to "take over" the life of whoever is "assigned" to them, demanding that client/patient/defendant/tenant/customer drop whatever else they're doing in their life and put forth all efforts into meeting whatever agenda and criteria said "in-charge" person puts on said subordinate.  Never mind said subordinate might also be answering to the whims and demands of other "in-charge" factions who are also demanding subordinate's undivided attention and time.  Each and every "in-charge" type thinks their agendas are "the most important thing in the history of planet earth" and, as such, precludes any other agenda or plan, even plans subordinate made with other "in-charge" types in advance.

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