Wednesday, November 4, 2015

                                          Musing For Today

I get tired of other people's "rights" and "liberties".  I think that kind of rhetoric is little more than a front for the desire of others to hog more for themselves and to engage in select manners of undiscipline while evading the consequences of such behavior.
I also think it's a front for those who are "bothered by whatever I do" to conjure up excuses to interfere with my activities by simply stating that whatever it is I happen to be doing is somehow "offensive" or is "bothering" them.

I think if we're going to have laws and rules EVERYONE should have to be subject to them.  No favoritism or being deferential to certain individuals or groups.
Enough of this "freedom" and "rights" crap.  ALL countries ever in existence (past and present) are "republics"---countries primarily ruled by "the letter of the law".  As such, ALL countries are a little "communistic" and somewhat socialistic by virtue of default due to the necessities surrounding their being inhabited by large numbers of people within their borders.

There HAS to be certain restrictions and a bit of despotism on the part of ANY type of government in their attempts to prevent any and all manners of anarchic behaviors.

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