Tuesday, November 17, 2015

                                         O   C   D   (Revisited)

Although I've never been officially diagnosed with O.C.D. I'm pretty sure I must have it.  At least to some degree.  I'm always "double-checking" what I do, often repeating the same action twice or running through my mind repeatedly what I've just done to "reassure myself".

That said, there's been recent controversy over a T-shirt the department store chain Target has been selling which states:  "OCD Obsessive Christmas Disorder".  Last I heard they took it off the market for being "offensive".

Frankly I think this whole affair is way over-the-edge in terms of overreaction and overreach.
And over what's essentially a somewhat silly lame parody slogan.  And one I think is based on the truth myself.

People ARE obsessed with Christmas.  And not in the "celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ" sense either.  More in the secular commercial aspects of the season.  (Which is why those who are atheists or non-Christians are so foolish to be flying off-the-handle over the mention of the name "Christmas", since the origin of the namesake gets so lost in all the commercialism anyway.  And, also, because Jesus Christ himself wasn't even born this time of year anyway.  I think he was born during the spring ...or maybe the fall.)

Also: The letters "o", "c" and "d" are merely three letters of the alphabet.  And "O.C.D." could be the initials of any slogan or namesake in which each word within starts with those particular letters.

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