Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Responsibility (Revisited)

I think the disdain one may have toward the concept of "responsibility" is on account of not wanting to be the one for whom "the buck stops here".  No-one wants to be "held accountable" for all that's not well when they're simply "one among many".

But "responsibility" is not so bad when it's either self-imposed or aligned with one's personal beliefs.
Taking on anything from owning a pet to engaging in a passionate hobby, for example, one understands what's involved in doing such properly and effectively.  One is willing to be "their own dictator" because it's being done for a purpose and for their benefit.
There's also the "necessary evils" one must engage in out of necessity/default: shopping; cleaning; bathing;washing.  You can't allow essentials to get used up without being replaced.  One must maintain cleanliness because one shouldn't wish to live in filth or in a messy personal environment.
There's also the "moral obligations" one has by default as a result of being an integral part of the world in general.

What's undesirable is "responsibility" that's either extorted, imposed, or done with "revenge" in mind.  Rules you're not totally in agreement with that are mandated, or those who feel animosity toward you--- trying to make you "responsible for" alleged wrongdoings or who find anything you do or say "offensive" and have to be retaliatory toward you in response.
In cases where "responsibility" is but a front for some kind of underlying prejudice or attempts at scapegoating.

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