Monday, November 9, 2015

                       Still Undecided on the Abortion Issue

I don't question the moral aspects of the arguments presented by the anti-abortion crowd.  That, even biologically speaking, the fetus is a designated developing member of whatever given species its parents are, "pre-programmed" to become another member of whatever animal species its parents are.  I get it in the literal and clinical sense.

However, any time I have to deal with ignorant or obnoxious individuals whose actions and behaviors interfere with my own existence, either physically or psychologically, I tend to start becoming prejudice in favor of the pro-abortion crowds.

I think the real question is:  Why are all these women allowing themselves to become so carelessly pregnant in the first place?  If they kept themselves from becoming pregnant then "abortion" would never become a potential "consideration" as a "viable solution".
Are they just being coerced into satisfying the demands of a strong-arming boyfriend who "has to feel a wet bare pussy rubbing against his dick rim in order to get off"?

Another question:  Just what kind of individuals are we, as an "advanced civilization", breeding and raising in the first place? 

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