Saturday, November 7, 2015

Prejudice is a tricky thing.

You and the other guy make a conditional truce to refrain from slandering and defaming each other.

Then the other guy says something disparaging about "the way you look" or about your beliefs or lifestyle, and your reaction is "Oh yeah?  Well, since you told me what you think of me I'll tell you what I think about your gaudy excuse for a wardrobe, the crappy-looking clothes you parade around in.  That myopically idiomatic religion you're so committed to that's such an 'end all'.  Your roguish line of ancestry.  Your lascivious and kinky lifestyle..."

THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is why there'll always be bigotry and prejudices. 
Parade around with your banners and chant your mantras all you want, but that'll never put an end to six-million-plus years of any of the vices of human nature.

                                          First Musing For Today

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