Tuesday, December 22, 2015

                                                      Merry Xmas

One question:
What does the song MY FAVORITE THINGS have to do with Christmas?
Aren't the lyrics the kind that can be sung any time of the year?

Plus ...the song's lyrics are so vulnerable to being subverted by any devious mind with a dementedly macabre sense of humor:
          "20-car pile-ups on the freeway"
          "Another mass shooting on a public square"
          "Sexual relations with underage lovers"
          "Domestic violence and beatings in households"
          "Being robbed and beaten on the streets now"
          "Explosions at an oil refinery"
          "Losing home and possessions in massive wildfire"
          "Tornadoes, hurricanes and powerful earthquakes"
          "Being homeless and out on the streets now"

 "...these are a few of My Favorite Things"

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