Monday, December 14, 2015

The issue I have with a lot of those who call themselves Christians is that a lot of them are either politicians or upper-middle-class types living a comfortable existence, with "too much money", a lot of good social ties, material amenities galore---from sophisticated gadgets to brand new cars.  And they're usually those with strong ties to their communities, a good reputation, who are accepted by the society they live in.

Jesus Christ himself was the polar opposite: a social outcast who preached what he believed to be the truth, regardless of whether or not it adhered to popular viewpoint or common prejudices.
As a result, Jesus ultimately wound up "criminalized" by the system and was executed by the proper authorities (the ones who are supposed to be the "good guys") upon conviction for "high treason" against the system as well as for "blasphemy" for expressing views contrary to the popular religions and politics of the time.
The purpose of Jesus dying this way is so that He could relate to ALL of humanity as a whole regardless of disposition, iniquities, or frailties on the part of any given individual.  He was "the sacrifice for EVERYBODY".

But so many practicing "Christians" are nothing like the "social nigger" and pariah Jesus was.  They live comfortable lives, are accepted by those around them, and concern themselves with "respectability", "reputation", and the "creature comforts" the world has to offer.
They're, essentially, two-faced "trophy pricks" and "trophy cunts" who suck up to and sell themselves out to the world itself.

Perhaps a "War on Christianity" isn't such a bad thing after all, as most of these "Christians" are such fakes anyway.

                    The above is my Musing For Today

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