Monday, December 14, 2015

Stockholm Syndrome

One such is living in a "default" society where everything has been rigged: from the places available for you to go, to the choice of products you have to purchase, to the subjects that are taught to you in school, to your choice of various employments, to the places available for you to live--based on your finances, reputation, social standing, etc.

The way everyone is "held captive" by the social climate of wherever they're living and whose only choices in their life is whatever limited options are allowed them by whoever or whatever elements are in charge of their culture.

And the way we all not only adjust and get used to this myopic environment, but also how we grow attached to what is basically a rigged formulaic and despotic system.

"Individual choice" is one in which we decide whether or not we want what is either "behind door #1", "door #2", or "door #3".

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