Tuesday, December 22, 2015

          Babysitting the babysitters (Revisited)

The parents hire someone to babysit their two small children so they can go out for a night on the town.
But the babysitter sits around talking to her friends on the phone while getting drunk and high watching movies, eventually passing out.
The 4-year-old winds up being the one who has to take care of her 9-month-old brother.  Even figuring out what to fix to eat when they get hungry.

A government agency requires notification of change-of-address from those it serves when said client moves.
Client brings proper documentation down to one of their offices for a face-to-face meeting to inform said agency of their new address.  The employee behind the counter programs the new information into the agency's computer network.
... Three months later, client gets mail from agency---forwarded from his former address.

                          When I was young I was taught there were those who would "kill" my "snakes" for me
                                                   i.e.: the church, i.e.: the schools, i.e.: the government
                                                   But what did you learn, my lord?
                                                   I learned I had to "kill them" myself
                                                               Donald Philip ("Donovan") Leitch

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