Friday, December 4, 2015

           Transportation(?) Service(?)

                                         What's with the bus service lately?
Oh, the buses run regularly enough.  If I miss one another comes by within a half hour, if not sooner.

My beef is:  Any time I ride from one end of town to another the driver frequently parks at a bus stop for a good five minutes before continuing on.
And not just once or twice, but a good half-dozen times within each trip.  Each trip I take, it seems lately.  Every time I take the bus.

I know this is a common practice for when a bus is "ahead of schedule", but I don't remember the buses being so regular with this practice in times past.  For some reason the system now seems to be having problems with their "staying on schedule".

Maybe they should just start the buses running a half-hour late from their terminuses.  That way they can simply "just keep running" steadily all the way.

I get so edgy just "sitting still".  Like I'm "not making progress" or I'm "in suspended animation".
Or maybe it's my personality.  I can be so "impatient with life" sometimes.  Well, quite often, actually...

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  1. I'd find that irritating too, but I'm a very impatient person in the car too. Even when the traffic light is red for too long I'm shouting at it to change. :D

    1. The reason for all the traffic jams is because everybody wants to be "independent", so whoever can afford it has "their own transportation".
      But there are so many who do all those vehicles just end up cluttering up the roads and streets it ends up with nobody going anywhere.