Wednesday, November 9, 2016

                         Automation (and its mindset)
It's not bad enough they lay people off (contributing to the downfall of the economy), replacing them with machines and computer programs.

It's also that, in order for automation to work, the programming has to be set up in the most perfunctory and formulaic manner.

Which means reliance on algorithm patterns as a sort of make-shift panacea for making self-sufficient operations efficient.

The thing is, reality isn't linear.  It cannot be predetermined or manipulated by simply figuring out the "set patterns" of personal life rituals of individuals or of economic trends or of consumer spending habits or of demands for specific products or of progress in certain areas of medical science---and the like.

Reality is fluid, and regimented algorithm patterns can't anticipate or catch the nuances, unexpected happenstances, or capricious decisions and changes made by any one person or party (either willingly or out of necessity).

They would have any individual person going through their entire life with the same personality, the same interests, the same propensity for engaging in the same behaviors repeatedly.  No "life-changing" situations or revelations resulting in enlightenment, no "change-of-heart" for wrongdoers.  If one has done wrong it automatically means they must be a "deviant" or a "scumbag" of some kind.  Scrub any influences that come down the pike that may make an individual decide to "change course".  Their character and personality has already be "determined" so any said changes would never be "recognized" by the system.

It's like:  If you move the system will take forever to catch up with you.  It's like you're expected to live at the same address and have the same phone number indefinitely.  If you try to inform the system of your new address (or new phone number) it'll just "get confused".  It's like "everyone lives in the same place all their life".  You're "the first person in the history of mankind to ever move and change their address".

So, if tragedy befalls you---say a tornado or fire or earthquake or flood devastates your home or place of residence---you may find your mail in the future being delivered to two addresses:  your current one and your previous one which no longer even exists. 

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