Tuesday, November 22, 2016

                                                 Musing For Today
Are people still "dumpster diving" in this day and age?

I know it was "fashionable" among the homeless sector during the 1980s  (I also remember it was during the 1980s when the term "homeless" was coined to refer to the winos, vagrants, destitute and those who no longer have a place of residence and now have to "join the ranks of" those other three types).

I knew some guys who would dumpster-dive a McDonald's after closing time to recap assorted "surplus" unsold Big Macs and pies to chow down on later on when they returned to their "unofficial" hang-out.
I took a bite out of one of those Big Macs and spit it right out immediately.  Too rank.  Plus, I know not to eat cooked food that's been sitting out in the open for more than a couple of hours (especially meat).  About the risk of botulism that one learns about in Biology class and from working in restaurants.

There seems to be this tendency among people who are despondent and desperate to look for gold and treasures in landfills and sewers as a sort of "last resort".


  1. If you hungry enough I assume you'll do anything. A dodgy looking Big Mac is better than no Big Mac I suppose. I'm fortunate enough to say I've never been in that situation.

    1. I have myself---back in the '80s and '90s.
      But I never had any luck dumpster-diving. All I ever found in the garbage was----garbage.
      I had to take to "suggestive panhandling" and "soup kitchens". ("Suggestive panhandling" is when you drop subtle hints as to your situation instead of outright asking overtly.)