Thursday, November 17, 2016

Donald Trump

the inventor of all racism, misogyny and manners of hate-speech reincarnated.

Now that he's to take office on January 20 it'll be a return to the Dark Ages of Jim Crow once again.

Gone will be the last 8 years of unbridled racial harmony utopia we had with our black President, Obama (the ultimate social engineering panacea for the U.S.).

It's not like racism, sexism or xenophobia are merely all-around frailties of humanity, having been around a good 6-million-+ years, or anything like that.  

It's not like such things ever existed in, say, ancient Egypt.  You know, the country that obviously employed contract construction workers to build its pyramids.  They couldn't have used slave labor.  I mean, who could they have enslaved?  Ancient Egypt didn't have a black population at the time.

Also, just think:  If Hillary Clinton had won instead we could have also embarked on a second utopia of also eradicating sexism alongside this momentary eradication of racism and slavery.   A total abolishment of all forms of discrimination.

Instead we get 

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