Thursday, November 17, 2016

                                                   Living Single
                                            and may it stay that way.

I pray I'm never in a position where I would have to take in a roommate or become one myself.

I couldn't handle being forced to compromise or sacrifice.  I've already grown up in an environment like that and have been in  enough situations where it's "the other person's world" and I'm present in it by "default".  If I find myself in that situation again I don't think I'd tolerate it very well this time around.

In fact, I wouldn't put cold-blooded murder past me as people can be extremely invasive and coercive in their quest to dominate and have command over things.

And, even as a single apartment dweller, I already put up with having enough things put upon me by other tenants (especially the "where they live is also their workshop" kind, as well as the "eternal home remodeling" type), the noisy world just outside my window, and dimwitted apartment managers.


  1. Oh, I could never live with room mates.

    1. It's just that human nature is such that someone always "has to" dominate.
      If I remain a reclusive it'll be one less conflict to deal with.

  2. Having just had a massive argument with my partner I couldn't agree more. If you live alone at least you avoid all the drama.

    1. A lot of people seem to have this tendency to get bossy with me---like, somehow, I "constantly need to be controlled" for some reason. That's one reason I such a reclusive by nature.

      Also: I don't really trust others to be respectful of, and careful and responsible around, my possessions and personal belongings. I see how so many people handle public spaces and facilities (e.g.: coin laundries, public transit, restaurants, libraries and the like).