Tuesday, May 9, 2017

                         Children EVERYWHERE!!!!
Why are there so many people running around with kids and babies?
They're ALL OVER THE PLACE!  Everywhere I go it seems.

Why are all these people so eagerly procreating?
Every place I go there are fuckin' kids all over the place!

Nothing against children personally.  It's just that any time there are children present one always has to be on their p's and q's---"watch your language", never discuss subject matters that are either too intense and involved or too intimate and personal.

And to find an "adult refuge" is such a herculean task anymore as just about any place one goes is "open space"---that is, not discriminating against persons based on race, gender, and AGE.
Even landlords stand to get sued for "discrimination" for offering "adults only" residential units for rent (of course we're talking about the same society where a gay couple can sue a bakery owner for refusing to bake a wedding cake for them because it violates that baker's "Christian beliefs".  Instead of, perhaps, that gay couple simply finding another baker of comparable aptitude with a more liberal attitude to do business with).

Another problem with a "Families rule!" type society is that, with no availability of an environment wherein one can engage in any kind of intelligent adult conversation, everyone winds up adopting a certain degree of "baby talk" into their everyday conversations.
Don't believe me?  Check out Twitter and Facebook.   See what I mean?

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