Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Song Analysis: The Thing

Most people may consider this 1950 novelty hit by Phil Harris as little more than simply "just another nonsense song", easily dismissed as only being "only for laughs".

And, while it may seem absurd to wax poetic a rather giddy "goofball" type number like this, there is a kind of underlying truth to the lyrics, even as cornball as they are.

Namely, the notion that we've all, at some point in time, made a bad decision or followed through on some act or spoken some words that ended up provoking such a strong reaction from others around us we found ourselves being held accountable for it to the point of never being allowed or able to live it down.

Or, maybe, just got a sudden impulse to do something, or made an on-the-spot decision that we realized, too late, would end up being detrimental to us---either financially, or would damage or destroy our reputation, or cause unrest and discord between family members, acquaintances, or close friends.

So, on a deeper level, even a giddy goofy song like this could wind up revealing subconscious truths hidden in the psych of the songwriters themselves.

                  Just for the record: This song was written by Charles Randolph Grean

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  1. Have you noticed The Eagles' 1977 hit HOTEL CALIFORNIA also touches on the same underlying concept and notion?
    That one has to watch what one does, what one says, where one goes, what one gets involved with, and who one gets involved with.
    That the world is full of beckoning come-ons, "Venus fly traps", Pandora's boxes.
    That once you're exposed to, get involved with, or witness certain elements of the world it's like having "your first taste of blood"---you end up being permanently "tainted", unable to fully return to your normal self, unable to maintain trust of and faith in things you used to take for granted.
    The world's full of curses, both spiritual and secular man-made.