Tuesday, May 30, 2017

   Dear Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA):
There's a state law forbidding passengers to play or use audio devices onboard city buses except with headphones or earphones.

Yet lately every time I ride your buses I find myself constantly bombarded by full-volume loudspeaker ads and public-service messages.
Everything from "radio commercials" advertising various online colleges, or online websites that specialize in "booking your next hotel room when on your next vacation", or for ordering specialty t-shirts online, or job offers from DHL shipping services
...to the usual public-service fare ("see something, say something").

In short, I'm of the notion that, since you demand that us passengers use headphones when playing our audio devices, it's only fair that your public transit system does the same as well.
It's not fair when I'm riding one of your transit vehicles and it's one of those occasions where I'm lucky enough to not have any loud cell phone yakkers shouting away into their phones and am able to have my own thoughts in peace and quiet for a change, only to have your idiotic ads and messages blare out and interrupt my train of thought in progress.

                  Hey COTA:  Headphones required when using audio devices!

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