Tuesday, May 9, 2017

                                               Normalcy 101
If you're a sane, average plebeian type you're probably (and rightly so) concerned about how well you fit in with your society and community.
You want assurance that you're not some kind of "weirdo", "freak" or "pervert".
You want to be sure you're among the "eternally alright" and "acceptable".

Well, here are some of the essential traits one must have to be among the normal:

Unbridled overconfidence

Shameless smug self-assurance, self-righteousness, and dominating demeanor

Showing no compunction when it comes to being officiously intruding and invasive when "fixing" situations and "correcting" wayward individuals

Relying on authorities and the police to be your "universal hatchet men" when dealing with anyone who has the audacity to offend or defy you in any way

Assuming your rights, liberties, and entitlements at the expense of others around you

Understanding that you "own" anything you see around you---even when out in public everything still "belongs to you"

Being shamelessly condescending and insulting to those who are obviously "inferior"

Coercing unconditional respect and reverence from others under threat of retaliation

Mindless embracing of popular opinion, dogma, assumptions and prejudices

Forsaking any semblance of individuality to align oneself with a partisan group, movement, cause, faction, or belief system

Worship and obsess over the latest trends and trendy products and latest fashions.  And purchasing and owning the most popular items on the market.

Filling your vocabulary with the current slang and vernacular and then using them religiously in your everyday conversations

Celebrity worship and idolatry is a must, as being normal means having no life, no character, or a mind of your own.  So living vicariously through someone famous is a way of "establishing roots" for you

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  1. I'm glad to say I never, even as a child, wanted to fit in to my society. If "fitting in" meant being anything like my mother, then I knew I needed to be different.