Sunday, April 8, 2012

The "Abortion" Dilemma

If ever there was a subject capable of generating a ton of hoopla it's that of "the abortion rights of women".

Even with the omnipresence of issues of such grave consequence---such as the maintenance of infrastructures, the biophysical condition of our planet due to decades of artificial man-made mutations and mutilations, economic conditions brought on by sabotage and various misappropriations---the rights of promiscuous women seem to have the higher priority.
I guess some people are more important than the rest of us.

Now, to be perfectly honest, I have so many mixed emotions when it comes to a subject like "abortion".

On one hand, one might ask:
Do I think the slaughter of early-stage developing humans is also an act of "murder" much in the same way killing a now-and-present person is?
...Here's where one has to decide whether or not to side with certain idealistic perceptions of "what makes a human being a human being"---or acknowledge certain biophysical certainties.
However it may be defined as to when a person is actually at a stage where they're considered a "full-fledged" human, it still stands to reason that if there is a developing embryo in the womb of any female creature---be it a dog, cat, rabbit, or what-have-you---the developing soon-to-be future creature in their uterus has already been biologically "programmed" to develop as and into a like creature and already has numerous DNA and biophysical and psychological traits befitting whatever creature they're in the process of becoming.
...With that in mind one could say that, literally, under the unwritten laws of biophysics abortion could be considered "homicidal".

I don't say that to side, in any way, with any religious factions or denominations
...nor do I subscribe to any notions of "God cursing this nation due to our killing millions of 'innocents'"
...if that was true---divine damnation for killing millions of "innocents"---all of civilization would have been rendered extinct a long time ago as we've pretty much surpassed all such milestones in that area centuries ago with ancient Egypt, ancient Rome, the Spanish Inquisition, the Puritans, and a long host of other civilizatonal atrocities which long predate the legalization of abortion.

On the flip side of the coin is what is know as "quality-of-life" issues.
Once brought into this world just what kind of existence can one expect?
What opportunities are going to be available to one so as to have the means to live a productive and satisfying life?
What kind of social climate will one have to exist in---and what kind of influences will be playing on their young impressionable mind while growing up?
Will that person be able to make their own way in life---or will they wind up getting "crowded out":
by too much competition? Discrimination? Learning disabilities? Subversive elements counteracting any attempts at self-enhancement and productive activities?

I can understand the "abortion" mindset the way the modern-day social climate stands.
And I'm not going to be the one to condemn a young naive misguided teenage girl who knows instinctively that there's no way things would work out in her particular situation if she goes ahead with having-a-kid.
I'm no stranger to the adversities of the world and I know the difference between the idealistic and the realistic.
And that when "one's back is against the wall" or when one's "painted into a corner" often they have to make a radical and often unorthodox decision in the name of self-preservation.

One has to do whatever seems wise at the time.

Of course one can also hear story after story about women who still decided to give birth in spite of desperately unfavorable situations in which the offspring still grew up with a lot of love and wound up becoming productive citizens.

But it's not my place to dispute anyone's claims nor to take sides with anybody's personal set of priorities, standards, or beliefs.
One should always keep an open mind and take in all sides of any argument, as there are always two or more sides to any argument on any subject.

And that's why I have such mixed emotions about the  subject of "abortion".
A lot of the arguments, pro and con, regarding the practice and it's legal status each have their own valid points to make.
And this is also why I usually try to avoid the subject as well
...beccause I still can't really make up my mind on it.

Although I think, personally, the practice should still remain legal
...if only to keep it off the "black market".
...and because reality isn't "black-and-white" perfect---there'll always be "circumstances".

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