Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Oxymoronism Revisited

In the early part of the 20th century you had corruption in industry and business in which there was exploitation of employees---underpaid, overworked, undercompensated for performing dangerous and life-threatening duties...

...then unions were formed to stand behind these workers and demand amends and reforms designed to fairly compensate employees for their efforts and also to increase the level of safety on the jobsite---eliminating unnecessary dangers and initiating extra compensation for the unavoidable ones...

...then, eventually, the unions would end up being subverted and become corrupt themselves---extorting excessive "due" payments while increasingly underrepresenting the workers and initiating strikes as they saw fit without consulting the employees first...

...then industry and business, with help from the government, eventually dissolves and eliminates the unions at long last, citing the corruption within to justify their actions..., here we are---back to "square one":  corruption in industry and business and exploitation of employees and workers...
There's a lot about the world that doesn't make sense to me, actually...

...the way even the best inventions seem to have been brought into existence only to be destroyed and disavowed years later
...the fact that you buy items, such as clothing or appliances, with certain intent and purposes in mind---but those items end up being so defective or so poorly made they either don't work like they should, or they never last.  Either way, they wind up defeating the alleged purpose of their own existence.

Other oxymorons:
The way sex is used in advertisement, even in the most subtle manner, to "seduce" us into buying a product
...and then there's the way a lot of women dress, behave, and groom themselves to appear "seductive"---and, if they're attractive enough, it sometimes actually works without looking too "cliche"
...but yet you don't dare react in any kind of  straightforwardly ephemeral manner as one is still forbidden to freely express any desires of their own along those lines.

The social mandates of "showing consideration for the feelings of others"
...but then there are still others who mock, harass, and threaten you
...but if you get upset about it you're "overreacting" or "being too sensitive" and "naive" and "unworldly"
...but then say or do anything disparaging to/about anyone yourself and "everyone's out to get revenge on you".

This is a world where we were brought to life just to be put to death eventually
...and where things are created simply to be eventually destroyed.

And nobody can see
---that THEY are the oxymorons.

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