Sunday, April 8, 2012

"Easter" dilemma

Okay, this is how I understand it:
Christmas is (essentially) supposed to be a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.
And Easter is supposed to be the celebration of his resurrection, three days following his crucifixion.

Fine, so far.
Except for one thing...
Christmas is celebrated on a fixed date: December 25.

However, Easter is not.
There is no definitive date on this particular celebration.
One year it can come at the end of March
...the next year it comes in mid-April.

Surely Christ died on a specific day the same way he was born on a specific day.

Even though December 25 wasn't his actual birthdate it's still a decidedly agreed-upon resolute celebratory date.
Why don't they do the same for his resurrectional date?
Celebrate Easter the same date each year?

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