Sunday, April 1, 2012

About Global Warming

Some of you may wonder what my views are on certain subjects which often get a lot of attention from both the media and the academic sectors, as often I randomly take on any number of various subject matters to express my perspectives on (whether or not I really know enough about the subject matter itself is another thing).

One subject one reads and hears about a lot is a phenomenon referred to as Global Warming...
...the notion that all the unnatural alterations of the landscapes done by humans for the sake of "progress" and "civilization" along with the introduction into the collective physical environment of manmade chemicals, materials, and unnatural combinations of natural materials which doesn't normally occur in nature---alongside discharges of toxic chemical wastes of materials, gases, and liquids not found in nature, or of combinations of natural materials not normally found in nature...
...the notion that the prolonged presence of those elements have resulted in throwing a lot of nature's ecosystems and their patterns off-balance jeopardizing the overall health and well-being of both the planet itself and the lifeforms it's been endowed by nature to support.

That's the basic theory of those who support the notion of Global Warming.

Of course there are also those who debunk the above notion, either contending some of the current global patterns are a result of "millennium patterns" that have never been historically recorded due to the great time span between events, or that the changes noted by environmentalists are not as profound as they claim them to be.

what are MY views on this subject?
Frankly I think it's a combination of all of these factors.

On the one hand I don't discount the presence of natural phenomenon playing a role in all of the changes in certain environmental patterns---there may be longstanding "once-every-six-hundred year" events we're still not aware of yet due to the short time we've dwelled on the North American continent and also due to the fact that, overall, we've only been consciously keeping track of weather patterns and such for a few hundred years now at best.

However I also believe in the phenomenon of "cause-and-effect" and see no reason not to believe that mankind's alterations and desecrations of various natural landscapes over the period of centuries could easily throw nature's balance way off and cause adverse reactions on the part of nature herself in response to being mutilated and "reinvented" not according to her preprogrammed intents and purposes.

A lot of what's currently happening in the natural physical environment is, most likely, a mix of ongoing natural patterns as well as the consequences of the damages incurred over the decades from all of the manmade activities which unduly altered the world's collective landscapes and seascapes.

It would be to the collective benefit for those in the scientific communities to actually do some serious investigative research on this phenomenon
...however, these days everything has become so "political"---even the sciences themselves.
It seems even among even the most academic factions there's partiality towards certain kinds of idealistic beliefs
...and what happens in the scientific communities is that their analysis is seldom impartial and based solely on whatever facts they find.
They'll alter even their own findings to "fit in with" whatever their belief systems happen to be.

If the group of scientists have "conservative" beliefs they'll find a way to "demonstrate" the follies of those who believe Global Warming is a real problem and concern, and "show the notion of Global Warming to be a hoax".

Likewise, a group of scientists who have more "liberal" leanings will find a way to "prove" EVERYTHING has some connection to Global Warming---even attributing certain ongoing natural patterns to be "a result of" Global Warming.

But what is needed is for all good minds to get their heads together and do some honest investigative research on this subject and try to arrive at some kind of feasible solution based on solid facts.

But that probably will never happen the way everyone is so divisive amongst themselves due to the political and religious dogmatisms that dominate their mindsets and attitudes.

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