Sunday, April 29, 2012

Two Left Feet, Two Left Hands...All Thumbs and Big Toes

You know the types: the impulsive ones who just do things off-the-top-of-their-heads without thinking things through first or just react ephemerally to their life's situation or circumstance; the socially-awkward "dweebs" who have a propensity for saying or doing "just the wrong thing" at just the wrong moment; the "honest" types who hold nothing back no matter how personal with no consideration for stigmatism, dogma, prejudices, or social mores; the "loose cannons" who fly-off-the-handle at the slightest thing that "rubs them the wrong way" and always have a very "imposing" presence; the giddy "immature" types "who never grew up"; the "chronically irrational" types who overreact to anything amiss or bothersome to them and are always paranoid or just "upset and uptight all the time" in general; the "silent types" who "always look 'suspicious'" as if they're conspiring to commit some sort of malice---even if whatever they're doing might be perfectly innocent; the types who are always "making bad judgment calls" when doing business or making financial decisions or with their social and domestic interactions.

Just as there are people who are the complete opposite---the "people" persons who have a natural inborn aptitude for social diplomacy and "can get along with anybody anywhere in the world", or the successful business types who have the knack for being able to cajole and mind-manipulate others effectively to their benefit, or the suave types who can elicit awe (or even envy) and are always guaranteed to make a good impression on others---there are also those who "stumble all over themselves" just to do the simplest things or accomplish the most basic of agendas.

I believe there's such a thing as---for lack of a better term---a "faux pas gene".
A natural inborn tendency to just "never get it right" a natural inborn "curse" from nature herself.

I can't help thinking of all the people who get fired from their jobs for joking about things inappropriately;
or the lanky types who see someone they "find attractive" but when they try to "be a little friendly" with that person they wind up in trouble for "harassment" or something along that line (maybe because they came off more "threatening" than "friendly"); all those social misfits who have to suffer "exclusionism" because of all the social dogmas and prejudices...
...and the like.

You would think with all the lisps, obesity, epilepsy, AIDS, diabetes, and diversity-of-personality-types society could see it in itself to, perhaps, be a little bit "forgiving" toward those "cursed" by chronic "social incorrectness" everybody such a "makeshift elitist" that they can't simply figure "Hey! We're all only human!"?

For whatever reason people are just so obsessed with "judging others" and always having "one up on" the other guy any way they can, they LOOK FOR weaknesses in others they can either exploit or use as a "weapon" against them.
And for that reason as well one has to feel for those who had the misfortune of being born with this congenital "faux pas gene".

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