Sunday, April 8, 2012

Don't Cyber-Fence Me In

A number of things I've noticed about a lot of blog sites, irrespective of whatever niche they happen to be catering to:
---They always have numerous links to other blog sites put together by folks who have interests and viewpoints almost identical to theirs
---The presence of the logos of on-line aggregational "membership" networks (i.e.: Progressive Bloggers; Independent Fashion Bloggers; and others of that ilk)
---The tendency of those who regularly leave comments on their sites to kowtow to the blogger and practically "ape" the viewpoints of said blogger or to be in complete agreement with whatever's stated in the blogpost.
---The tendency of the blogger and other commenters to savage and radically chide anyone who expresses viewpoints contrary to or different than the ones generally "agreed-upon" by the other participants.

All but a few of the reasons I myself act alone and independently as a blogger.
I do not affiliate myself with any kind of group, club, faction, or organization of any kind, either on-line or out in the world itself
...this enables me the freedom to write whatever I feel or am thinking at the time I create a post, without having to feel committed to any type of ideology or obliged to "be loyal towards" any kind of belief system
...and also frees me from any concerns about who I might be offending, since I only need to represent myself.

You see, cliques and niches and demographics---they're a lot like nations and territories and governments
...they each have their own set of rules you have to abide by as well as their own Gregorianesque rhetoric of doctrines you're expected to repeat over-and-over and believe unconditionally.

To me, having a blog site is the ultimate opportunity for me to "break loose" and say a lot of the things that are running through my mind constantly.
It's the "ticket" to my own freedom-of-personal-expression since face-to-face I tend to be very reserved and "secretive" about the things I feel and of my honest opinions on a lot of subjects.
The last thing I would ever want to do on-line is to give myself over to some cyber-sect and have them "regulating" what's okay for me to say on what's supposed to be my own site.
Frankly, I think there's enough of that sort of thing already in the real world itself, what with work and family and community and such.
The internet should be a refuge of sorts in my opinion, not just another set of "shackles" and "chains".

Cliques and demographic organizations are for the bonafide socialite type who's existence has always been about "living-for-others" anyway.
...but they're not for me---neither on-line or off.


  1. As I read the written words above it makes me realize the essence of this page but on the other hand I'm trying to look for fences installation Brea.

    1. I pride myself on being a true "stand alone" type of blogger.
      Thanks for reading.