Friday, January 31, 2014

Epitaph/Eulogy: Joe Donovan

A well-known on-air radio personality, Joe Donovan was best known for his late-night weeknight oldies show on WHAS-AM out of Louisville Kentucky, whose trademark characteristic was a no-holds-barred song playlist, each program a sampling of his own gargantuan 30,000+ record collection, and which served as a respite from the typical "oldies" formats that were often known for their limited playlist offerings.

A 50,000-watt commercial AM station with a regimented overall format of its own, WHAS still allowed their on-air personalities to infuse their own elements in between while still not disrupting the station's own idiosyncratic patterns, a practice often referred to in the broadcasting industry as "allowing for flexibility within" (an antithesis to both the automation and free-format norms of modern-day radio).

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