Friday, January 31, 2014

In the past two years plus I would occasionally mention a web site or blog site to "check out".  And the contents of said sites always varied, from the offerings of a conservative Jewish rabbi's wife to radical left-wing commentators of Canadian politics.  From a writer-photographer who makes sarcastic observations of social and media dysfunction and discord in his upstate New York hometown while still showing great affinity for its local arts community to Kent Kotal's profound and amazing "oldies" music blog.
From the observations of a low-income wage crusader for the rights of the poor and homeless to a militant antifeminist "men's rights" activist who gets in legal trouble for praising whoever killed a police officer for ruthlessly enforcing what he perceives to be unfair and oppressive social conduct laws.  (You don't want to do that sort of thing in today's paranoic social climate, especially one in which there ARE individuals who actually DO act out violent pipedream fantasies in real life.)

So:  What IS my criterion for deciding what kind of site to give an honorary mention of?
The primary common denominators I look for are:  strong earnest passion for and belief in whatever niche or subject matter they write about;  good writing skills: being articulate; viewpoints, opinions, and perspectives that go beyond the usual socially-acceptable or commonly agreed-upon mantras and rhetoric.

In spite of the irrelevant and sometimes antithetical differences between the various sites I give mention to, each one still has those underlying similarities mentioned above.
It's more-or-less my way of embracing freedom-of-speech of and from all kinds:  liberal, conservative, religious, feminist, antifeminist, secular...and all points in-between.

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