Thursday, January 2, 2014

I've mentioned before that freedom is but a commodity, much the same as is money or material possessions.  And, as such, there is only so much to go around.  No-one is ever going to have an equal amount.

If one feels a sense of dubiousness about that notion let me give you a classic example of what I mean:
Let's say you have a two-story apartment building---multiresidential multistory unit.
One of the tenants likes to party and get wild and loud.  Someone who lives in another unit insists on peace and quiet. 

Well, if the "party animal" is to have his entitlement to being loud and wild it's going to cost the other tenant is right to enjoy solitude and peace and quiet.
And if the other tenant is to have his entitlement to peace and quiet the "party animal" is forced to stifle and self-repress his tendencies.  No more "cutting loose" and "letting go".

Obviously it's impossible for both tenants to have their rights honored and respected simultaneously.  Only one is going to get things his way while the other is forced to sacrifice. 
                                              (Remember:  Freedom belongs solely to the Liberty Thieves.)

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