Monday, January 20, 2014

Professionalism:  Pursuing a profession or occupation out of intense passion and earnest interest and, once obtained, always trying to find ways to be the best you can be at whatever it is you do, and to learn the most you can about your chosen profession, always going the extra mile.

Does one ever get the impression today's society is the domain of the uninspired?  Lame and laking any motivation?

Even government and industry seem only motivated to do one thing:  Fleece the average citizen as much as possible.  "Capitalism" these days involves marketing natural resources and services which used to be offered for free:
Bottled water
Television and radio broadcasts (primarily replaced by cable television and satellite radio/television)
Cellphone services that charge by the minute
...and utility companies imposing penalty fees for late payments and banks imposing similar penalty fees on their customers for allowing accounts to go below a certain amount.

Even cab drivers tag on a surcharge if they think a passenger is intoxicated or high.  Just in case they make a mess inside their vehicle.

Contractors have become the cheap "alternative" to the knowledgable and experienced specialists (because those with experience and knowledge dare to expect to "earn what they're worth").

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