Saturday, July 11, 2015

More CeleBirthdates

                       The Bill Cosby dilemma...
Yes, folks, I'll continue to watch episodes of I SPY every now and then...
And I think his hit records LITTLE OLE MAN and YES YES YES are hilarious...
And that his comedy routines were very insightful and that he has a great perspective on the elements of everyday life...

Okay, so he has a split personality and he's apparently always been leading a double life in certain areas...
What does that prove?  That he could've potentially been of value to the CIA in the field of counterintelligence?
Still, it IS a shame to witness someone so gifted being poisoned by his own concoctions.
                                      Bill Cosby turns 77 tomorrow.

                                    Cat Stevens
Born Steven Georgiou on July 21 1947 in London of Greek and Swedish ancestry.
Raised Catholic, converted to the Muslim religion in 1979.
Among the peaceful type Muslims who practice their religious beliefs privately as their own personal commitment opposed to radical fanatics who use that religion to front vicious behaviors.
He's an artist not a terrorist (obviously)
After all, he is "the conductor of the PEACE TRAIN".

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