Friday, July 3, 2015

The 4th of July

When we celebrate the birth of a nation that created a document making grandiose promises of guaranteeing elaborate amounts of freedoms, entitlements and liberties for its gullible general populace
...which was actually part of a methodical plan to persuade and convince this populace to partake in the genocide and displacement of the people who were currently occupying and residing in this "new land" in order to make room for occupation of the "new people" and expansion of the "new nation".

It was "God's will" that this "new nation" with its "revolutionary 'new' form of government" take over this "new" land so as to be able to replace France, Great Britain and Spain as the "new Imperialist world-governing nation".

But they had to make their plans look "morally sanctified" somehow.
They had to make this general populace feel they were part of a "justified cause", convincing them "we are creating 'a land of justice and equality for all men'".  A noble cause worth fighting for and worth the sacrifice and hard work required for both the turmoil of clearing forests and building structures as well as the dangers of warding off the retaliatory responses of the present-day occupants less-than-receptive of foreign invaders looting their ancestral land by force.
Convincing this populace that it's "God's will" that this land "now belongs to them" was quite a feat of manipulation and con-artistry among those revolutionaries whose primary long-term goal was to create "a new government/a new country" which would, eventually, successfully take over the imperialistic strongholds then held by Great Britain, France, and Spain.  More territory, more land = more population = potentially larger military = more military might = greater world domination.

Their plan worked, even if it wasn't immediately evident during the infancy of the U.S.'s history.

Anyway, this is my take on the 4th of July and the history of the U.S..
...take it for what it's worth.

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