Thursday, July 16, 2015

My Life's Complaints

Anything I use is either old and worn-out, defective, or poorly designed.  Or deliberately designed to be stonewalling juggernauts, eschewing any kind of normal functionality and easy operation, necessitating the most intense haggling to accomplish even the simplest task, exhausting me to the point where I can't move on to my next phases, robbing me of efficiency, time and accomplishment.

And "high tech" is a bunch of shit.
The only thing it seems to know how to do is "collect data" and "collect information".
So the most monumental accomplishments of the 21st century is the intense improvements of what are essentially electronic "file clerks"?
Seriously: What quality-of-life improvements has high tech afforded us?  What great inventions ever came out of it?

                                                                          Adage For Today
                                                   One time is a coincidence. Twice or more is a conspiracy.

                                                                                      Musing For Today
The reason it's such a bad thing when material items, gadgets and appliances, or body parts have "a mind of their own" is because they usually do so in the manner of the average two-year-old.  They have a sense of separation and independence but without knowledge, wisdom and discretion.

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