Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Four "Layers" of Government (Or Maybe Even MORE "Layers"?)

Recently the blog site Captain Capitalism (www.captaincapitalism.blogspot.com) touched upon a concept which he tagged "4th layer of government" (July 16th post:  "College as the 4th Layer of Government").

The 3 main layers of government:  national government; state(/provincial) government; local/regional government.
But the power and authority of those three primary layers are scripted, clinical, resolute.  Clearly defined in writing.

Most authority that lies in society are those of the unofficial "4th layer" of "government".
Those individuals, groups, organizations who are not officials, nor authority figures, not in any official positions of leadership of any kind, yet they somehow command special favor from society and from those around them.  Even those who ARE in actual positions of authority naturally suck up to them as well.

The "good Captain", in his recent post, focuses on universities and academia and the powerful position they hold in western societies.
However, I, myself, am more focused on ALL the different types of "4th layer government" factions.
Those with the most money
The exceptionally good-looking
Those who have the most friends or the best social connections
The most charismatic
The most manipulating
The most influential
The ones with the "good reputation"

On a post I published on this site in November 2012 titled WHO'S REALLY IN CHARGE? I unwittingly touched upon this phenomenon.  Although a bit disjointed in the way it's written, it's clear---even then---I sensed that the social status script wasn't always exactly being followed to a tee.

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