Thursday, July 16, 2015

If your country is at war with two other nations and one of those nations are really kicking your ass, you can not very well be asking the other nation to back you up as they're also adversarial toward you.

That is my problem on the social level, folks.  As a quintessential social outcast I'm at odds with ALL social factions:  the respectable class, the criminal class, the authorities, the professionals, the deviants and subversives, the conservative types, the token "liberals", the minorities, the middle-class, the elitists, the inner-city types, the "low-income" types.

I'm just a very "stand-alone" individualist.  My relationships with others has usually been either an intense "Cain vs. Abel" type of jealousy or one in which most people seem to have declared "war" on me, or assume I declared "war" on them and behave accordingly, very defensively toward me as a rule.

People figure if you're not on their side, if you're not "one of them", you're automatically in cahoots with whoever they're normally in conflict with or feel animosity towards.
And a person like me is never going to be loyal to ANY group or class, so anywhere I go I'm always going to be an "intruder" and a stranger.

Someone like me can never afford to get into any kind of fix or be finding himself in need of any kind of help or support, simply because:  Who's ever going to help me if I'm also one of the "threats" or "menaces"?

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