Saturday, July 11, 2015

     High Tech: What's it worth anyway?
                  I mean, what has it done for you or me lately? (Or at all, for that matter?)

We have extreme drought in one region and excessive deluge in another.
Yet where are the fancy intricate contraptions designed to transfer the excess water from the deluge areas to the ones experiencing drought?

The only uses of "high tech" so far seem to be for the purpose of enabling businesses, merchants and advertisers to seduce the general populace into thinking they need to sacrifice part of their finances in exchange for all manners of useless "snake oil" products no-one ever actually needs and that often serve no practical purposes.
 ...or to do continuous surveillance on private citizens under the guise of "public safety" which usually just ends up nailing a few pathetic saps for squatting down or unzipping in alleys or behind buildings because they "couldn't make it home from the bar/coffee house in time to avoid having an accident" doubt adding more names to various "sex offender" registries.

The United States is not a country of bullet trains or of 25-minute subway rides from suburbia to the International Airport.
It's quite "backwater" for a culture that prides itself on being so "top dog".

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