Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Apartment Dwellers

are a dippy bunch.

First and foremost:  If you live above, below, or right alongside someone else and you do anything beyond "tiptoeing and whispering" EVERYONE CAN HEAR YOU!!!!

It's amazing how many can't even figure this one out.
Especially the ones who seem to be doing remodeling work at all hours of the day and night.

And what's with throwing marble statues on the floor repeatedly at 4 o'clock in the morning?  One would think the Feds would come around to investigate sooner or later considering it must be registering on the Richter scale.  Not to mention the tenant below will probably get blamed for the cracks that form on his ceiling.

And how come most people have to yell and shout every time they speak?  Don't they have "normal speaking voices"?  Christ, one can hear them ten miles away---with the windows closed and the doors shut.


  1. One thing a lot of both tenants and visitors do: There's a separate exit from and entrance to the residential parking lot in the rear. And often someone will stop in one of those driveways to either drop off or pick up somebody instead of simply parking in the lot and simply calling said tenant. I've seen pizza delivery vehicles do this as well.
    Unless the tenant is, maybe, physically disabled, I don't know why it should be such a toil to walk the extra 30 feet or so to the back door to meet their ride.
    And this happens constantly.