Monday, June 13, 2016

                     Angela from Seattle with her Great Feet story:

I love shoes.  I buy about ...oh, I don't know ...maybe 200 ...300 pair a month.
I just love shoes.

Problem is:  The ones I love best hurt my feet.  And sticking only to buying shoes that fit my size is out of the question as my favorite styles are always a little too small or a little too large.  Which means I'm in pain a lot of the time.

When I stepped into The Great Feet Store their in-store specialist recommended foam-rubber arch support insoles to relieve the pressure on my feet from being cramped into too little space.

Needless to say I can now wear any shoes I want without any more pain regardless of how ill-fitting.

I'm Angela.  And that's my Great Feet story.

                                           Thanks to
                                      The  Great Feet  Store

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