Friday, June 3, 2016

                                                  Do not offend ...

When you're someone who's not important to society, someone who's never "mattered", just about anyone has license to treat you any way they feel.
If they so desire they can behave insultingly toward you, talking down to you or barking orders at you like you're their "personal slave" and you "need to be compliant and controlled".
Or refuse to acknowledge your presence, or treat you like you're "just in the way" or like your presence is somehow a nuisance or a threat to them.
Or even freely harass you or mock you in some way.

And if you get upset or come unglued over such attitudes and behaviors you're ridiculed for being "oversensitive" or even "too intolerant".  Or even being "antisocial" and "hostile".

However ...should you ever speak or behave in a way that "offends" or upsets another THEN you're slammed for being "recklessly or cruelly insensitive to the personal feelings and sensitivities of others".  And practically defamed as being "degenerate scum".  Not to mention persecuted in various strong-arm fashions.

Like it's a serious moral transgression to ever "offend anyone".
Never any mention of how it might actually be indicative of certain prejudices on the part of the "offended" party that might make them unable to handle certain ideas, opinions, or gestures ...or the presence of certain personality types.

It's always the other person's notion of what's "proper" or "appropriate" that matters.  They always have to be the one's in control of what's "right" and what's "wrong".


  1. There is a woman who works in the supermarket that I shop in twice a week, and she's offended by my presence. I smiled at her once and the look of repulsion on her face, will probably stay with me forever. Obviously I don't tick all the right boxes, so I offend her. I love it, because to me it means I'm doing something right. :D

    1. Does she ever try to mess with you in any way?