Sunday, June 5, 2016

                  Whose Lives "Matter" Anyway?

If there's a problem I might have with the Black Lives Matter movement it's not in any of the allegations or contentions the members make.  I think the issues they talk about are true enough and, in most cases, factual enough.

My problem with the movement is in the notion it harbors that, somehow, all the issues blacks deal with are unique to the "Black" subculture and that those who are not a part of it could never understand what everyone in it are going through and dealing with.

Now, if you look at human history in general, there are thousands of years of civilizations with a "dominating" class who invariably exploit and even enslave those considered "lesser" types.  It seems to be one of the perverse aspects of human nature, especially of the authoritarian and arrogant.

For the "black culture" to claim some kind of monopoly on "experiencing the brunt of 'structured persecution'" is a slap in the face to Native Americans/First Nations people, survivors of the Holocaust, the descendants of Korean women who were kidnapped by the Japanese government for use as "sex slave" servants by Japanese soldiers during World War II.

It's tragic that all societies find it so stressful to maintain their own infrastructures and are so beset by their various social issues that they have this need to "relieve themselves" via finding a select group of "those who don't perfectly fit in" to use as "punching bags" and "walking landfills" take their anger and frustrations out on and to "dump all their 'garbage' onto".

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