Sunday, June 5, 2016

Bit Off More Than We Can Chew ...

The water crisis in Flint Michigan.  Overwhelming floods and wildfires.

It seems the consequences of centuries of civilization are finally, at long last, coming to a climax, that we've, pretty much, reached a "zenith" in terms of "how far we can go" in terms of building up and up and up.

The problems with having incrementally built up, over time, cultures and societies to the point where they become ultra-colossal legacies is that when they've gotten to that stage they're pretty much Frankensteinian entities.
And such humongous entities are like oversize pets and children.  They require constant "babysitting"/"caretaking" in order to remain functional and intact.  This implies a commitment to nonstop stewardship on the part of whoever is currently in charge of said society.

It also means that most any society, by this point in time, has been built up so much it's near impossible for even the most dedicated steward-minded leaders to keep track of all the sub-elements within the major elements to ever be able to stay on top of any potential wear and tear within the system.
And how dedicated are the current leaders to being unconditionally dedicated and loyal to the societies they've been put in charge of?

Hence, it makes sense that we're seeing all these environmental and infrastructural issues everywhere come lately.

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