Friday, June 3, 2016

The Officious Ones V

                                                   How old is "old enough"?
When I was 24-years-old I was hitchhiking around the country, often bumming loose change for "a cup of coffee".
A true-blue wayfaring vagrant (or, maybe, "mobile homeless").  None of my relatives ever knew where I was most of the time, nor did they bother to try to find out.

Flash-forward 18 years later.  And all around a university campus area is a poster of a 23-year-old woman who's been "Missing" for weeks.  And volunteers are actively handing out flyers with her picture to random passers-by asking them to "Help find Stacey".

This is not some missing 8-year-old girl we're talking about now.  This is a grown woman.
Who IS she that she's so important to so many people?  Or to a whole community?

Unfortunately she was eventually found
...a homicide victim.
It's strange that most anytime someone "special" turns up missing they almost invariably wind up murdered.
It's like there's this network of "creepy men", some secret organization of sadistic psychopaths who obviously "have no life" who seemingly only exist to run around "terrorizing women" ("Who are these people?" I always wonder).

But it IS something.  The idea that a grown 23-year-old woman still can't be "in charge of her own life".
What's the point of "adulthood" if one can't entitle oneself to all of the alleged amenities associated with it?

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