Sunday, March 19, 2017

Just don't call it "Immigration" (revisited)

My stand on all this "immigration" controversy?

Simple:  If someone from another country wants to become a U.S. citizen they need to follow all the written protocols and stipulations laid down by this government which pertain to the acquisition of legal citizenship for said individual.  And with such applications subject to approval by the U.S. government.

And, if applying for temporary residency, individual must meet all clinical legal requirements necessary for approval by U.S. government.

And that those who are visiting the U.S. be subject to the scrutiny of Customs and Immigration officials, with no guarantee or promise of being allowed entry.

This is the way it is for most countries.

As for the U.S. officials:  Keep religion and race/ancestry out of your judgment calls when determining eligibility for entering the U.S..
Judge only by individual and legal merits.
And, yes, if someone has a criminal record, or lacks sufficient funds and support, or is deemed "not adaptable enough" to U.S. culture, it is perfectly reasonable for Customs and Immigration to turn said individual-in-question away and send them back to their home country (or current country of residence).

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