Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Song Analysis: Taxi

This 1972 hit by singer/songwriter Harry Chapin emphasizes the notion that it's just not "in the cards" for certain individuals to ever have their innermost aspirations in life realized.

That some people will just have to resign themselves to suffering the indignant rigors of mediocrity their whole life through.  Their lifetime will only be one of dreaming.

Chapin craftily and cunningly waxes poetic the inner frustrations of this ongoing chronic non-fulfillment.

This underlying theme is one similar to that of Paul Simon's SLIP SLIDIN' AWAY and The Statler Brothers' CLASS OF '57.


  1. I'm now at an age where I realise that mosts of my dreams will never come true. That's a bit depressing.

    1. There's only so much of anything to go around.