Thursday, March 30, 2017

Song Analysis: The Weight

One take on this 1968 single by The Band:
The importance of pulling one's own weight.
Not neglecting  the things that need to be done.
And not to destroy or vandalize.

Whatever you neglect someone else will have to take care of, sooner or later.
And any mess you make someone else will have to to, sooner or later, clean up.
Whatever you destroy someone else will have to, sooner or later, replace.
Whatever you break someone else will, sooner or later, have to fix.

Another take on it:
If you take it upon yourself to be the one who "does favors for others" or who's "always offering to help or assist", a lot of those "others" will try to take advantage of your generosity (being that there are so many "desperate" types in need of "shedding their excess baggage"), often to the point of overwhelming you so-much-so you won't have time and energy left over to deal with your own personal issues.

Plus, a lot of times those same individuals are unwilling to return the favor and help you out when you're the one in need. 

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