Friday, March 17, 2017

   The Trump Administration:  full-frontal Social Rank Fascism
It isn't like the Trump Administration is actually doing anything all that unique in its propensity towards social rank fascism.
Governments, essentially, have always been about favoritism towards the privileged and the aristocratic.
But, in times past, it's always been a tradition for governments to be rather covert about this aspect of ruling.   To often do sporadic token "favors" for the "average Joe and Jane" (you know, sort of like "Throw the dog a bone to keep him happy", or "Give the baby a pacifier and maybe he'll stop crying").
In the 1930s we had The New Deal
In the 1960s we had The Civil Rights Act
In the 1920s women finally got the right to also vote
...examples of such political "red herrings", no?

But now the current administration seems to be outright blatantly flaunting this leaning towards such favoritisms unabashedly, with no attempts made at any kind of pretense otherwise.  It's like:  "You're right.  All your worst suspicions about society are true.   Overprivileged and aristocrats are, indeed, the only people who matter.   Society really DOES wish all you second-tier and third-tier individuals would quit reproducing and just dig a hole, crawl into it, and die.   Just get out of our world once and for all".
The effect of this level of bluntness on a lot of us being similar to that of a relative or acquaintance coming out and finally telling you what they really think of you.

The phoney baloney "health care" bill the present administration is currently drafting to replace the (somewhat inadequate) ACA is but an epitome of where us "average" and "sub par" citizens stand with society at large.

The word "compunction" is nowhere to be found in the vocabulary of this present administration.
In fact, they seem to be openly delighting in and relishing their embracement of all manners of social rank fascisms.

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