Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Song Analysis: Is That All There Is?

"Once you've seen the Grand Canyon you've 'seen all there is to see'."
"It's the worst thing one could ever experience.  It can ruin your whole life, in fact."
"It's the one experience everyone should have.  Once you've had it, it'll change your life forever.  You'll never be the same afterwards."

The way certain things in this world are sensationalized and overly hyped by the general consensus
...but then, when you actually find yourself face-to-face with the situation or with the subject itself, it's never anywhere near as exciting, thrilling, or tragic as you anticipated.

It may affect you profoundly enough, but it ultimately ends up being "just another experience you had in your life".
You still go on being the same person you've always been, and your overall world views pretty much stay intact.

This 1969 hit by singer Peggy Lee summarizes this aspect of life quite impeccably. 


  1. The Grand Canyon was beautiful but certainly not life changing.

    1. Was it all "just rocks, cliffs and canyons"?

  2. More or less. We had a helicopter flight over it as well, and the most exciting thing about it was that feeling you could die any minute.