Tuesday, June 20, 2017

                                            Musing For Today
Why is it
...I can find so many intelligent and insightful writers on the internet?
...yet everyone I come into contact with face-to-face are all such closed-minded half-wits?

These folks are mostly the usual variety of current-day humanity:
*ill-mannered, undisciplined, uneducated "trailer-park" inbreds and inner-city "ratchet kings" and "ratchet queens"
*upper-status snobs and "trophy bitches" who behave condescendingly, routinely violate traffic laws driving pricey cars, and eschew anything resembling natural emotions and feelings
*gestapo style authority figures
*rowdy alpha "party animals"
*timid paranoid scaredy-cats
*officious "stasi"-minded citizens
*eternally rambling "motor-mouths" who can never figure out how and when to STFU
...and numerous other manners of clones, drones, gnomes and gremlins one routinely has to deal with when out in public.

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