Saturday, June 10, 2017

                Who's REALLY "In Charge"? (revisited)
The police, the authorities, and the government can seem very intimidating to a lot of people.
However, let it be known that they're but underlings themselves.
More specifically, the hatchet men for and spokespersons of the favored and privileged of society.

They "protect and serve" the normal "well-adjusted" of their communities---the ones who actually live the "collective narrative" of the race, gender, and social class stereotypes. The ones who think the "right way", whose very existence is one of "commitment to community" and of all manners of obsessive socializing---where it's essential to "have friends and a lover".
The ones who wear the "right style" of clothes, drive the same cars, who buy into the collective consensus regarding beliefs, dogmas, social prejudices, paranoia, and lifestyles.

To the favored of society the police and authorities are their "heroes", their courageous "first responders", always ready and "at their disposal".

And the police and authorities are, themselves, just as sycophantic towards these favored as these favored are towards them.
In fact, the police in particular make it a high priority to always "stay in good with" the favored.  Which makes sense as the best way to ensure continued support and acceptance from one's society is to side with whoever the winners of society are.
Those-in-charge would hardly have anything to gain by gravitating toward the reclusive loners, or the oddballs and freaks, or the outcasts.   Those are the losers of society, its eternal rejects.  Society's "no counts".  The ones who "don't matter".  The ones who exist to incur society's wrath, the ones accused and mistrusted, "in the way", unwanted and offensive.

In fact, one of the main functions of the police and the courts is to keep such misfits "in their place"---to prevent them from attempting to assimilate themselves into the society or community, to never allow such types to be a part of anything.  To keep them eternally "removed".

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