Saturday, June 10, 2017

Song Analysis: A Little You

Not exactly one of the biggest hits for Freddie and the Dreamers---this one didn't even make the top-40 of the national U.S. charts.

It's from late 1965, and by this time leader (and lead singer) Fred Garrity had long since quit "doing the Freddie" and started taking his group in a more conventional direction.

                                      "There's a little 'true' in all the lies you tell.
                                       A little 'good' in all the bad you do ...
                                      Instead of running away, listen to what I say,
                                      All I want is just a little you ..."

People are always so worried about how the other person will judge them should that other person ever find out about some "dark side" or character flaw they may have.  So afraid of rejection, they put up false fronts.

The main character in the song is telling his lover it's okay to simply be her true self, that he's okay with whatever quirks she may have, no matter how profound.  That he's ready to accept her the way she really is.
This is a song about someone making a desperate attempt to reassure another it's safe to just go ahead and "loosen up", that they're open-minded enough to not be taken aback by any idiosyncratic character glitches.

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