Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Song Analysis: In The Wee Small Hours Of Sixpence

An interesting and intriguing song by Procol Harum.  Apparently taking place during medieval times, as is indicated by the references to knights, swords, and armor.

On a deeper level, the ever-metaphorical lyrics seem to address the dilemmas of self-doubt and self-esteem issues as well as trying to keep one's head above water and continue on in light of experiencing extreme humiliation---those disenchanting occasions when one's forced to face the fact that one's "not as smart or clever as they think they are", that one's "not as strong and resilient as they thought", that one's "not as confident as they assumed themselves to be".

"...But 'grief' can't be the reason.
We are men of sturdy stuff.
Though our swords be old and rusty
They're still blunt and sharp enough"

The song seems to address an inner distress connected with aging, or of situations in which one finds themselves in precarious positions.
Having to deal with the notion of no longer being fully in control of your own life, while still trying to convince yourself otherwise.

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